Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in Brighton Sussex

All You Needed To Know About Cannabis

Approximately four million Americans are struggling with their Cannabis dependence. Cannabis is the most commonly abused illicit psychotropic substance.

Cannabis comes from the cannabis plant, specifically from the flowers and buds. Cannabis is typically consumed dried and smoke in either a cigarette or a pipe like tobacco. There are other forms of the drug which are ingested too.

These edible foods can produce the same effect as smoking the drug and usually baked goods and sweets are the most commonly used.

Users can also consume a resin-like substance from concentrated plant matter that produce a stronger effect. More popularly called "dabs", this substance may be in a dense liquid form, a semisolid form, or a solid form whose vapours are then inhaled. Wax, budder and shatter are other names for dabs.

In certain states, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes is legal and in some, recreational use is also allowed. it is used for anxiety and pain release and also to increase hunger. In entertainment and attributing to its calming effects, Cannabis is used to attain the notorious "buzz." Cannabis is popularly referred to as pot, ganja, dope, weed and reefer on the street.

Cannabis is a controverted drug, with many advocates for and against its use. Fuelled by misconceptions and misinformation about its risks, Cannabis addiction still exist today.

Cannabis Addiction And Effects

Cannabis is a drug that alters perception through its psychoactive effects. The main compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for altering brain function.

Different users might be affected differently by Cannabis, and the effects are more pronounced when used in high amount. When smoked, Cannabis produces a faster and more mellow effect than when orally taken.

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Dabs produce immediate effects that could last for a few hours because of their high level of THC. Among the effects of Cannabis, we can find

  • Relaxation and happiness
  • Soft hallucination
  • Increased hunger
  • Reduced Anxiety

The only drug that results in more visits to emergency rooms than Cannabis is Cocaine and this is despite the fact that there is no risk of overdosing on cannabis. When people were drunk the result is the accidents that increased the number of patients in the hospitals.

Thc Levels In Cannabis

Since the 1960s, Cannabis THC content has increased around 300%, which has affected users' abuse and tolerance. Taking in higher amounts of THC in the current Cannabis is likely to enhance risks related to intoxication as well as the risks related to addiction.

Addiction from Cannabis can be medically analysed and impacts negatively on the life of the user.

Addicted To Cannabis

Just like in other addictions, it is possible to develop a psychological addiction on Cannabis. Cannabis increases the production of dopamine in the brain just like other drugs.

In order to maintain its normality, the victim's brain is programmed in such a way that it requires more of the cannabis stuff. Cannabis use increases the Dopamine levels in the user's' brain, albeit only temporarily. Desire to stop using Cannabis and being unable to achieve that is a clear indication of dependency on the substance.

The risks associated to Cannabis use can affect the users' personal life. The more symptoms and problems related to Cannabis are

  • Problems with the law
  • Low grades in School and College
  • Work-related issues
  • Impaired learning and difficulty to remember new things

The continued use of Cannabis, despite its negative effects is a indication of addiction. In this case, it is critically vital to get acquainted with the signs and consequences of falling victim to Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis As A Gateway Drug

Due to experimenting with Cannabis, people begin the utilization of more harder drugs like Cocaine, so it is considered as a entrance for other alcohols or drugs. This is a problem particularly with teenage Cannabis use since teenagers are more likely to try out other drugs after using Cannabis. In past few years, more and more people have started abusing Cannabis, and majority of them being in their teen years. Cannabis-smoking teens are at a higher risk of developing a addiction to either cannabis or other drugs than adults.

Statistics Of Cannabis Abuse

Treating Cannabis Addiction

Many people who have ingested Cannabis for a prolonged period of time find it a daunting task to quit by themselves. Getting help for the addiction is what works best when one is addicted to Cannabis. Getting advice from a counsellor and joining a support group are quite effective treatment options. Get in touch; 0800 772 3971 we can help you.