Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Brighton Sussex

Let Us Demystify Cocaine

The 'high' of Cocaine is due to its influence on the body's physiology causing one to reach a heightened sense of excitement and general awareness. It feels so good that one becomes dependant on it but it does not come cheap ,costs a pretty penny.

Cocaine powder is derived from coca plant which intensely heightens dopamine secretions in the body leading to an elevated mood and high energy. It can be mixed in with water so that in can be inserted in the body with a needle, inhaled with a pipe (smoked), or sniffed (which is the popular option). This plant-based drug is also known as snow, blow or nose candy. Many people know the risk of Cocaine even before using it, however, people are still addicted to it regardless the risks it will bring.

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Every day around 1,800 Americans will try Cocaine for the first time in their lives.

Cocaine Effects And Abuse

It is categorised as abuse regardless of the number of instance or frequency of use of this prohibited drug. Chemicals that make people feel excited our brain creates naturally, but Cocaine enhances levels of those chemicals so people feel ecstatic when they inject it. Even though injecting Cocaine gives stronger effects than snorting it, the danger is even more real for those who do it so most drug users will consume it daily to maintain the effects of the drugs.

Cocaine influences the brain causing;

  • loquaciousness
  • Intense thrill or joy
  • Awareness
  • Anxious
  • Bloated self-esteem

Cocaine's effect duration and effects depends on the way people consume it. Snorting the powder is observed to last the longest clocked at 30 minutes. Although the effects are more heightened, people only feel them between five and ten minutes when they inhale or use needles.

The sort after feeling of euphoria however takes a toil on your blood pump which could lead to heart failure and inevitable death. It is highly recommended to seek help if you or someone you know is currently hooked with Cocaine.

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Getting Hooked To Cocaine

Even though Cocaine is an addictive drug, it can be hard to see the symptoms of Cocaine addiction. The main symptoms of Cocaine addiction is knowing that it is dangerous and life threatening, yet can not stop consuming it. Drug addiction is often considered as chemical dependency but it is said that the psychological aspect is the hardest to beat. It is extremely difficult to quit using Cocaine when addiction develops.

An addict's body is conditioned to a new 'normal' when high which means they can not function without it. Tolerance will occur at the point when a person becomes addicted, as well as symptoms of withdrawal when that person quits using Cocaine. Cocaine usage transforms the way your brain works and it gives euphoria by increasing the level of dopamine in the brain. When one stops the Cocaine supply to the brain, the brain itself needs time to adjust its system back. A lot of people need to see a therapist or go to a rehab, only a few among users are able to stop without any professional help.

Cocaine And Other Drugs

Other drugs are usually also available in places where people normally take part in Cocaine abuse. It is also highly likely that Cocaine addiction develops with other substance abuse like cannabis (marijuana) or alcohol. Being addicted to more than 1 substance is called poly-drug and this condition is very dangerous as it increases the risk of overdose.

There develops a co-dependence on two drugs at the same time say, alcohol and Cocaine. During the process of recovery, it is vital to completely stay away from any substances because of this. A mixture of heroin and Cocaine is called speedball and this combination is the most lethal of all Cocaine combinations.

Cocaine Statistics

Among all illegal substances, the most emergency room cases are connected with Cocaine abuse. Those who had been admitted to the emergency unit because of drugs, 68% of them had more than one kind of drug in their body.

Cocaine Dependency And Its Treatment

It is hard to overcome a Cocaine addiction. But, for those who are ready to fight to get better there, is assistance and resources to be found. Cocaine addiction treatment and rehabilitation information's is available now.