Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Brighton Sussex

Understanding Crack Cocaine

The body of the user will tend to crave more crack at it develops tolerance from initial use to achieve the high.

Harvested from the coca plant, Cocaine is a whitish substance. Crack comes in form of "rocks" which is created when the original mix of ammonia or baking soda with Cocaine powder dries off. Inhalation of smoke from burning it is the method used to ingest it.

Crack Cocaine makes popping sound when being heated. Therefore, it is called crack Cocaine. It however has many aliases but do not be fooled, whichever name it goes by it is still the same notorious drug.

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Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Therefore, any use of crack Cocaine is taken as an abuse. Inhalation being its favoured method of ingestion, its delivery to the brain s rapid. However, this high doesn't last long.

Crack Cocaine is a highly risky drug because of its potency which makes lethal overdose a real possibility. There is no scale as how much is too much, hence even when experimenting one may easily overdoes.

Below are the immediate effects of smoking crack

  • Extreme excitement
  • Hyperactivity. It also makes you feel so energetic.
  • Anxiety
  • being overly chatty
  • Presumptuousness

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The likelihood of the overdose is raised because the user will want to maintain the brief high, which prompts them to take more of the drug in large amounts.

Widened pupils and perspiration are good indicators of an on coming overdose. The other usual immediate effects of smoking crack like anxiety, aggressive behaviour or even seizure are exhibited before an overdose. Underlying renal disorders and hypertension worsen the outcome of crack.

Dependency To Crack

Smoking crack is said to develop addiction more quickly than snorting the powder form. Some users can even become dependent after the initial use, which means that the crack dependency grows fast. It keeps you chasing to high which is fleeting. As time goes by, the addict needs it just to feel like themselves again, and it is at this stage that the addiction has taken hold.

When the addiction grows within users, the dose of the crack Cocaine they need will always grow each passing day. They need more of crack Cocaine to be able to feel the effects. Thus, when crack Cocaine addicts try to leave their addiction, it is very difficult as they will struggle with the withdrawal symptoms. Crack releases extreme amounts of dopamine, a chemical that creates a feeling of happiness in the brain and smoking crack decreases natural creation of dopamine, which is why the previously mention things happen.

The craving is what makes it the most difficult when they try to be clean. Some users also just want to avoid the hardship of withdrawal by coming back to the drugs. A crack Cocaine dependent is predisposed to overlook the bad consequences of substance abuse.

How One Starts Using Crack

Smoking of crack Cocaine is more likely done by existing Cocaine users. Many people have been addicted to Cocaine before they try crack out. As many people know, Cocaine is known as "rich man's drug" for its expensive price. On the contrary, crack is much more cheaper than Cocaine. Because crack is cheap it is undiscriminating unlike cocaine dabbed 'the rich mans' drug. Although crack Cocaine is relatively affordable, crack users still spend more and more money to sustain their addiction.

Crack Abuse Statistics

Crack is an illegal drug. Thus, there are detailed statistic data and estimations regarding its use and abuse.

How To Break An Addiction To Crack

While using crack, your mindset has been changed completely into thinking that you can not be 'normal' without it or that you can not be happy without it. Let it be known to you that that mindset can be turned around into its normal state. The only way to do it is to be drug free by following proper treatment. Get your life on the right track by taking the first step now.