Ecstasy Addiction and Abuse in Brighton Sussex

The Concept Of Molly Mdma And Ecstasy

MDMA is an addictive drug used by people of all ages but mostly popular among young people it also goes by its street names such as Ecstasy or Molly. It is very addictive and usually when misused results in dangerous life-damaging side effects.

Ecstasy is a popular way of how MDMA, or 3,4 methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, is known among the people. This illegal, imitation drug excites the brain and is capable of producing hallucinations for users. MDMA is commonly called molly. MDMA is known as Ecstasy when in tablet form or Molly when in powder or crystal form.

Even though molly is advertised as a genuine structure of MDMA, it is impossible for the consumers to actually see what is in it.

Both molly and Ecstasy can be cut with different ingredients, such as

  • Cocaine
  • LSD
  • Heroin
  • Amphetamine
  • Caffeine
  • Rat poison

Getting the original MDMA is almost impossible. Major amounts of the drug are smuggled from Canada into the US. MDMA has no documented medical application and is categorized as a Schedule I Controlled Substance; a drug with a high probability for abuse and no currently accepted medical use. We offer help to anyone with Ecstasy dependency issues; contact us if you or anybody you know are struggling with this matter.

Abusing Ecstasy Implications

Ecstasy triggers the brain to produce feelings of joy, satisfaction and peacefulness. The users senses of sight, sound, smell and touch is increased by these drugs. Molly and Ecstasy are very popular in the rave and club scenes, because it enables the user to enter a state of enhanced feeling and sensation.

Ecstasy effects often include

  • Heightened happiness.
  • Heightened senses
  • Soothing sensation and tranquillity
  • Prolonged energy
  • sympathy for others
  • Inhibitions reduced

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Like most drugs, Ecstasy and molly meddle with the brain's pleasure centres and regular levels of dopamine. The high from Ecstasy and molly often endures for a few hours, but the crash experienced by users may last for days.

Since Ecstasy is prohibited, any utilization of it is considered abuse. The person purchasing MDMA is not aware of what they are buying, few forms of Ecstasy and molly do not contain any MDMA There are times when MDMA gets substituted with PMA (paramethoxyamphetamine). PMA may make comparable sentiments to MDMA, yet the onset is longer. People have the tendency to use too much of PMA as they are likely to use too much of the product in order to experience the same effect that MDMA has on them, as it is not as powerful as MDMA.

Ecstasy users will experience an overdose when they take more than the limited dosage. Ecstasy overdose can bring about seizures, frothing at the mouth and an increase in body temperature. This can bring about heatstroke or trigger a major heart illness, both of which can turn out to be lethal.

Ecstasy Mdma Dependence

Perceiving a dependence on Ecstasy can be complicated in light of the fact that the medication needs clear withdrawal symptoms and is regularly utilized among youngsters as a part of social settings. Prolonged taking of Ecstasy can result in psychological and physical reliance. when someone is addicted to Ecstasy, they will continue to use the drug in spite of knowing the results of this. Addicts can often find themselves being dependent on Ecstasy, even if it is not the only drug they are taking, causing a multiple level of drug addiction problems.

The most telling indication of Ecstasy addiction is desire to stop yet being not able. Other signs to indicate addiction to Ecstasy are gaining a tolerance to the drug, going out of the way to acquire it, and in taking the drug more than initially thought. Find out additional information about the criteria for diagnosing an addiction.

Ecstasy And Other Drugs

Regularly abused as a "party drug," Ecstasy is well known among undergraduates, particularly at raves and shows. People who use Ecstasy are more likely to use other drugs compared with people who use other drugs, as research shows that 10% of students in high school have used this drug in the past.

Marijuana is another drug that 98 out of 100 students who use Ecstasy use too, according to research. Some other drugs such as heroin, inhalants, Cocaine, and LSD are some of the drugs that people who use too much Ecstasy are likely to use as well.

Treatment Of An Ecstasy Addiction

If you or someone you know is suffering from the side effects of using Ecstasy, help is available. For more information about treatment for Ecstasy abuse, call us for more information on the choices available to you.