Methadone Addiction Withdrawal and Detox in Brighton Sussex

Knowledge Of Methadone Withdrawal

The withdrawal symptoms from Methadone addiction are often less severe and may last for couple of weeks. It is even way easier for the addict to withdraw if the drug is medically eliminated from their body system.

When ingested in high doses Methadone has the capability of being extremely addictive. One can easily get addicted to it because it is required in the treatment of other drug addiction mainly those of opiates. Overtime, the efficacy of the drug wears down and user needs more and more of it just to get high, as the body has developed an endurance due to continued use.

The dependence on the drug is considered as fully developed when the body becomes reliant on Methadone for normal functionality. If they quit taking the medication, addicts dependant on Methadone will encounter withdrawal side effects.

The body will go through a period of adjustment as it tries to function without Methadone, and that is why the withdrawal side effects manifest. The side effects are sometimes very severe and this makes it difficult for the people that are trying to stop the addiction.

It is therefore important that the patient trying to stop the addiction does so in a place where they are monitored by a professional medic. To minimise the intensity of the side effects of Methadone withdrawal, many rehab centres offer residential and non-residential detox programs.

Every person experience of the withdrawal process is unique. The amount of time and the category of addiction are main contributors to the length and difficulty of detox.

The patient's metabolism, tolerance and state of mind also affects the detoxification process.

Indications Of Withdrawal

As an opium-based drug, it shares its lesser intense withdrawal symptoms with the commonly abused opioids like heroin and morphine. Withdrawal symptoms of Methadone are generally moderate and assemble a flu like condition.

Individuals with Methadone addictions that are severe will experience withdrawal symptoms of the intensive variety. Users who are addicted to multiple substances will find the process of withdrawal longer and more intense.

Normal indications include

  • Coldness
  • Fever
  • Tension
  • Muscle cramping
  • Sickness and nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Quick heartrate
  • Abdominal pains
  • Temperamental moods
  • Panicking
  • dysentery
  • Urges to take the drug
  • Disturbed sleep pattern
  • Delusions
  • Intense sadness

Quitting "cold turkey" is likely to cause withdrawal symptoms that will be more severe. The medical fraternity extensively recommends that tapering off the use of Methadone to make the process of withdrawal more bearable.

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Withdrawal Period

Symptoms are mostly present within 24 hours of the last dose ingested by the user. But for the body to completely cleanse itself of Methadone, it usually takes somewhere from fifteen to sixty hours. Few patients are found to spend more days before the withdrawal symptoms to finally kick in.

Indications of withdrawal from Methadone typically last three to six weeks, in many cases procedure can take more time for those with extreme addictions. Contact us today on 0800 772 3971 and we will assist you in sourcing the best rehab facility.

The initial 7 to 10 days are likely to be the worst with individuals displaying flu like physical symptoms along with distressing psychological symptoms such as anxiety and paranoia. The succeeding days will find the symptoms to gradually lessen.

Withdrawal Timeline For Methadone

  • Initial 24 Hours
  • Within 24 hours since the addict last used Methadone, the side effects of withdrawal will start to manifest.
  • Physiological effects like shaking, increased heart rate, muscle pain and spasms start to show.
  • Day 2 To 10
  • Methadone yearnings will become very severe during the following week.
  • Users may come across situations where they could be irritable, anxious, paranoid, hallucinate and suffer from insomnia.
  • They could also deal with flu like symptoms, which will persist but should improve in about a week.
  • The 11th To 21st Day
  • Many of the physical side effects are expected to start subsiding by this time.
  • The feeling of despair may creep in and one starts to desire using the drug again.
  • Depression can become extreme and a few patients experience depression and lost interest in life.
  • Days 22 And After
  • Any symptoms that are remaining should be extremely mild.
  • As the body is in the process of getting used to functioning without Methadone, depression can still linger on for weeks to come.

Detox From Methadone

Methadone detox is safe and highly efficient when it is completed at a drug treatment facility or a hospital. Detox of Methadone should be done under the guidance of a specialist to keep withdrawal side effects from getting to be life-debilitating.

It is commonly practiced in rehab facilities to gradually wean off the patient from the drug instead of the cold turkey approach. This is more advisable than quitting completely and abruptly because it minimizes the intensity of the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal. This gradual method takes time and patience to taper off.

Methadone Abuse And Therapy

A bespoke medical care plan for each individual is made available by rehab facilities using the professional skills of their detox specialists and counsellors. The success of medium and severe addicts in recovering fully are increased when done under the inpatient program. The outpatient approach can be a lose option for a mild Methadone addict.

There is always help for someone who is addicted to this drug.