Morphine Addiction and Abuse in Brighton Sussex

Comprehending Morphine

Morphine is the substance from which Heroin is derived and just like Heroin, it changes how the brain perceives pain

An opiate that is utilized with a goal of reducing extreme pain is called Morphine. This drug gives you a sense of euphoria that users say feels like being in a dream and that is why Morphine owes its name to Morpheus, the god of dreams from Greek mythology.

Morphine comes in several forms i.e. syrups, injections and tablets. Morphine can also be smoked under the right conditions.

A user will quickly evolve tolerance to Morphine, which means that this drug can be very addictive.

A portion of the used street or slang terms for Morphine incorporate M, Miss Emma, roxanol monkey and white stuff.

Effects Of Morphine Abuse

Morphine is a federally created Schedule II drug which is used after big surgeries to relieve pain and for pain caused by cancer. Because Morphine produces euphoria-like sensation and is available relatively easily, the risk of its abuse is high.

Heroin and Morphine are two really similar drugs, even though Morphine occurs naturally in the opium poppy and is extracted from it, while the Heroine is processed from it and is thus a synthetic drug. If you need assistance to overcome Morphine dependence, give us a call today.

The euphoric effect that comes from Morphine is the most common reason why it's abused. The pain relief that comes from the drug is also another reason why it's abused and this makes it easy for people suffering from chronic pain to become dependent on the drug.

At whatever time somebody uses Morphine without a prescription, it is considered misuse. Morphine can be obtained legally with a prescription. It is a criminal offense to have Morphine without having a doctor's prescription with the severity of the offense depending on the amount of drug possessed and location.

Some of the immediate effects of taking Morphine are

  • Happiness
  • Pain reduction
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety relief

The risk of overdose is always present in every episode of Morphine abuse. Deconcentrating, stammering, extreme fatigue and slow breathing are symptoms displayed when a person overdoses on Morphine. Because Morphine is an opioid, it has a suppressing effect on your nervous system. Overdosing on Morphine can prompt to faintness, trance like state or reduced breathing to the point of death.

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Dependent On Morphine

When a person abuses this strong substance over longer time periods, dependency occurs. Once a person starts requiring higher doses of the drug to feel high, it means that tolerance is setting in and this is a precursor to addiction.

One addicted, the patient will feel as being faint when they don't use the drug, making it impossible to leave it. Physical dependence will occur and psychological dependence will follow soon after.

Because Morphine is so addicted, a user throws caution to the wind in the quest to satisfy his or her addiction.

Morphine addiction is not much unlike Heroin addiction and overcoming it is seriously hard. A medically controlled detox is the optimal way to free the body of this drug because quitting Morphine abuse cold turkey can lead to extreme trauma. Be in contact with us to know how to safely get rid of Morphine.

Morphine And Other Substances

Mingling Morphine with other drugs, chiefly with offensive qualities, can be greatly dangerous. Alcohol is one of the drugs if used with Morphine can cause much danger, because both affect directly upon central nervous system (CNS). Comas and extreme sedation are quite possible when these two are mixed.

Morphine Misuse And The Stats

Heroin and Morphine are responsible for more than 50 percent of fatal drug accidents in the U.S. More data on how morphine is abused include

Defeating Your Morphine Addiction

Quitting Morphine is not easy but it is not impossible either. Researches have demonstrated that addicts who can roll out life improvements significantly increase their chances of recuperation without backslide. Beat your Morphine dependency by finding someone to assist you in your fight.